Update website settings

For more information, see Site Settings.

Site URL

The site URL is how visitors see your site. You are assigned a default, public URL until you decide to add your own domain.

By default, when the site is unpublished, the settings are mostly grayed out. Publish your site to reveal more settings, such as the ability to edit the site URL.

For more information about publishing your site and going live, see Go Live, Publish, and Set Up Your Domain.

Preview Your Website

This preview shows your site, including unpublished changes, as it appears in the editor. Site preview is a great way to share your work with others and preview your site on multiple devices before launching.

To get the site URL for sharing, click Copy next to the preview URL.

Website SEO

SEO is what gets your site to first page on Google. You can change settings here to help get a little boost on search engine optimization. For more information about SEO, see Introduction to SEO.

These settings are different from individual page SEO settings. Page SEO overrides global SEO changes made in site settings. For more information, see Site SEO Settings.

Google Analytics

Adding Google Analytics to your site enables you to get deep insights into your customers and users through the Google analytics dashboard.

To install Google Analytics, you must first set up Google Analytics on Google's platform. Once you've done that, get your tracking ID and enter it into the Google Analytics tab. For more information, see Google Analytics Integration.

URL Redirect

The URL Redirect feature lets you redirect specific URLs on your site to specific pages. For more information, see URL Redirects.

Header HTML

The header HTML is a location for you to add your custom scripts, meta tags and other pieces of code which belong in the <head> section of your site. For more information, see Header HTML.

Privacy Settings

With the help of the Privacy Settings page, you can ensure that your users are well-informed about the type of data and cookies information collected when they visit your page. The main tools you can enable in Privacy Settings are the privacy page and cookie notification.