Can I manage my Service Area Business (SAB) through EZlocal?

Yes. You will be required to enter a business address for verification purposes and so that we can determine the service area.

Your address should reflect your actual, real-world location. Completing the Street Address field is required. Use an accurate address and service area for your business location. Virtual offices and PO boxes are generally not considered real-world addresses and you should avoid using them to create local business listings.

You can then select the ‘Service Area Business (hide address from public view)’ checkbox. With this option selected your business address won’t be sent from us to directories within our Listing Syndication Network. However, please keep in mind that this option changes the directories that we support for your business location. Data Aggregators like Data Axle, Localeze, and Foursquare require a verifiable address.

In the Listing Sync dashboard, certain listings may be marked as 'show address to get listed' if your business is a Service Area Business (SAB).

Disabling the SAB functionality in the business profile will allow Listing Sync and/or Listing Distribution to submit your business information to the various data aggregators/sources for updates.

If a directory already has a business address for your SAB location, it won’t be removed by selecting the ‘hide address’ option. You will need to reach out to the publisher directly to have your address removed or hidden from public view.

Service Area Businses Checkbox Screenshot

Note: The general rule of thumb for many directories (e.g., Google Business Profile, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) is that you need a physical address. Not all listing sources support P.O. Boxes or virtual addresses.