Use Your Own Domain with Your EZlocal Website

Updated Wed, Jul 27, 2022 in Website

You must now set up your DNS settings through your domain host. In order to do this, you will need admin access to the domain which you intend to use. In your domain host, you need to create two A records and a CNAME record.


Some domain hosts will not allow you to set up multiple records for the @ domain. If this is the case for your domain host, then simply add one record for the @ domain and include both IP addresses.

Use the following information for the CNAME record and A records:

A Records

Two A Records are used for server balance and redundancy.

First A Record
  • Host/Alias: @
  • Points to:
Second A Record
  • Host/Alias: @
  • Points to:


  • Host: www
  • Points to: